Product Info & FAQ's

Soy wax candles vs "the other candles"  ...  not all candles are created equally:

The most common wax used in candle making is paraffin, a petroleum based wax that is not good for your health or the environment. Black soot and toxins emanate from paraffin wax while burning. Ever wonder why you see black soot on your walls or surfaces? Paraffin originates from a non-renewable source. This wax is still used because it's cheap and easy to work with.  You will often find Paraffin wax candles at discount stores and yes, one of our favourite home goods store!  They look and may smell good but don't be fooled, the wax quality is likely not equal to our hand poured soy wax candles even if the label reads "soy wax".
Soy Wax is Natural
All that is used to make a candle is natural soy wax, 100% cotton wick and  phthalate/paraben free fragrance & essential oils. Soy wax is derived from soybean oil and is biodegradable.
Soy Candles Last Longer
Soy candles burn twice as long as paraffin candles.
Why does my soy candle burn unevenly?  Many factors can cause your candle to burn uneven, here are some reasons why:
  • Initial Lighting - let your candle burn for 2-3 hours or until a good melted wax pools forms to the edge of your jar.  
  • Wick Length - do you trim your wick to 1/4 inch each time you relight your candle?  Doing so will prevent the top of the wick from forming a black ball (aka mushroom wick).  If you simply relight your candle you may see this as well as a larger flame producing smoke.
  • Drafts & Other Heat Sources - keep your candle away from open windows and drafts which can cause your wick to flicker and your candle to burn uneven and therefore a shorter candle life.